Virginia’s 11th District is a Majority Minority District.

As a legal immigrant, I understand what it is like to arrive in a new country with high hopes for a bright future. My husband, son and I came to the United States to not only receive quality education but to give back to our great nation. I went on to work for our federal government and instilled a desire to serve in my son who serves in the Navy.

For too long, career politicians have taken advantage of the diverse individuals with rich cultural roots in VA-11. I have taken the time to get to know the citizens of VA-11. I strive to meet with and acknowledge the unique backgrounds of those who have much to contribute.

The out of touch incumbent has buckled down to still stand by the destructive decisions of the Fairfax County Public School Board from lawsuits for forced masking to cutting off the potential of and discriminating against Asian Americans through watering down and altering the Thomas Jefferson School Admissions policy.

The out of touch incumbent supports destructive economic policies that are handicapping the hardest working Americans who did not come here for socialism, inflation, and globalist centered initiatives but arrived here to work hard and build a better life for their families.

For too long, the out of touch incumbent has taken such a diverse and culturally rich constituency for granted.  As a career politician, the out of touch incumbent is clueless as to the needs and concerns of the diligent and hard working citizens in VA-11 who are here for a better life for their families and to contribute to our great nation.

The out of touch incumbent has supported crippling economic policies creating sky high inflation impacting the very basic household essentials for hard working Americans from groceries to gasoline to school supplies.

It represents the change we need to restore the livelihoods, educational excellence, and hope for a better future for the citizens of VA-11.