Planned Parenthood is a violation of Women’s right to protect their physical and emotional well being.

As a congresswoman, I will pass a bill to defend the women’s right to protect their physical and emotional wellbeing. #Mangaforjustice #Mangaforwomen #VoteMangaforcongress.

Planned Parenthood is a misogynist organization and a special interest group that leftist and progressive leaders nurture for their political gains.

I am not and will continue to not be afraid of sharing creative solutions. As your future Member of Congress I will not be controlled by special interests. I will not be a puppet of any organization.

My opponent continues to express his full support and allegiance to organizations like Planned Parenthood which make a majority of profit off of the abortion proceedure which continues to entrap women in an endless cycle of physical and emotional despair.

Abortion is a dead end street leading to the death of an innocent life and lasting physical and emotional ramifications for the woman involved.
Why does my opponent continue to proactively condone abortion?

If my opponent truly claims to be pro women, why doesn’t he get behind an easy solution to protecting a women’s emotional and physical well being?
Let’s be honest, if we are so concerned about only bringing children into the world when ready, men should get a vasectomy first before ever even considering pressuring in the future any woman to subject her to the physical and emotional trauma that abortion brings. The vasectomy reversal is again a simple procedure when ready to be a parent!

Vasectomy and reversal are covered by insurance and have next to no physical and emotional ramifications.

Is my opponent more concerned about campaign donations from the largest provider of abortions OR is he actually concerned about a woman’s body and her emotional and physical well being?

My practical solutions not only will cater to conservatives, liberals, progressives, pro-life, and pro-choice, but also DEFEND the women being subjected to physical and emotional cruelty.

Let’s SAVE TAX $s on Planned Parenthood and reallocate those funds to providing better education, creating specialized schools and after school programs. Given an equal opportunity, every kid is exceptional and can be successful.

#VoteMangaforcongress who will defend women’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

I am a trailblazer of real women’s rights”

– Manga Anantatmula