Across our great nation, there were protests calling for the removal and defunding of police. I stand with our courageous police officers who keep our communities safe each and every day and put their very lives on the line to protect us. Supporting our police officers never provides a free pass for mistreatment of citizens. Just as voicing concerns should never lead to the malalignment, killing, hatred and defunding of our men and women in blue.

It is the duty of all elected officials to demand that our police forces protect all of us equally and uphold our rights under the Constitution.

As a result of the movement by progressives to “Defund the Police” 40% of our police force either voluntarily retired or quit the police force, increasing the crime rate in our communities.

I greatly appreciate the sacrifices many police officers make daily to go above and beyond to help, when children who are in danger, to be there in times of emergencies when a mother delivers a baby early at home, to protect victims of domestic violence and to keep our communities safe.

As your elected representative, I will work with our local authorities to ensure the police force in VA-10 are there for you when you need them. I will work to remove any in law enforcement that does not treat all citizens fairly according to existing laws. It is your right to be protected by the police, not be fearful of the police. Fortunately, VA-10 has a wonderful police force that respects our laws and treats our citizens very fairly.

We must ensure that criminals do not roam free in our beloved communities. The police must be given the authority needed to stop them. Do you want criminals running about in your neighborhood and community that would harm you and your family with no one in authority to apprehend them?

Work to reform the criminal justice system. With over 2.2 million Americans in overcrowded jails and prisons, reform is long overdue. We can and must overhaul the current status quo to ensure fairness to all citizens who are incarcerated. Join me and vote for me to protect you, your family, and your community.