I will champion Women’s Rights and will proactively stand against infringements on women’s rights. The rights that we worked so hard to achieve are now being fundamentally challenged.

I recognize that each individual is made in the image of God. I support the protection of all individuals and hear the concerns of parents for the safety of girls in schools whether in the locker room, the restroom or even competing on the sports playing field. Young children are no longer being taught the basics of reading, writing, math, and science in the public school classroom but are being called to question gender identity and the biological gender each one is born with.

Children, especially young girls, need to know that they can safely attend school to learn, participate in sports and compete against biological females, and set goals and achieve them. Can you imagine being a champion female athlete yet having to compete with a biological male in your sport? I will strive to uphold the victory of Title IX in sports. I will stand for the rights of all women. One rape of a female student, and frankly any student, in a restroom at a public school is one too many and completely unacceptable. I support safety for all students – male and female – and support creating gender neutral restrooms. We need to revisit and think through creatively how to enable the safety and security of all students in school.

Women and girls, more than men are tragically victims of human trafficking each year. My opponent supports an open borders policy fueling human trafficking into the United States. When open borders exist with catch and release on the rise, women and girls are often most at risk to sexual assault, rape, robbery, and murder.

I will also continue to take a stand against sexual harrassment in the workplace and ensure that perpetrators are held accountable. In the age of the #MeToo movement we have seen double standards and the turning of a blind eye and the picking and choosing of who should be prosecuted and removed from leadership roles for horrific treatment of innocent women.

I will work to restore integrity in our justice system and hold those in power accountable. I assure you that I will take a bold stand to protect the rights and very lives of women in VA-10 and across the United States.

Planned Parenthood is an over 1 billion dollar organization predominantly funded by abortion – a direct violation of the physical and emotional well being of women, girls and the innocent unborn.

As your Congresswoman, I will commit to supporting legislation that defends a woman’s physical and emotional wellbeing and ensure that does not come at the expense of the life of an innocent unborn child. #Mangaforjustice #Mangaforwomen #VoteMangaforcongress.

Planned Parenthood is a misogynist organization and a special interest group that leftist and progressive leaders nurture for their political gains.

I am not and will continue to not be afraid of sharing creative solutions. As your future Member of Congress I will not be controlled by special interests. I will not be a puppet of any organization.

Abortion is a dead end street leading to the death of an innocent life and lasting physical and emotional ramifications for the woman involved.

If my opponent truly claims to be pro-women, why doesn’t he get behind an easy solution to protecting a woman’s emotional and physical wellbeing?

Let’s be honest, if we are so concerned about only bringing children into the world when ready, before ever even considering pressuring in the future any woman to subject her to the physical and emotional trauma that abortion brings.

Is my opponent more concerned about campaign donations from the largest provider of abortions OR is he actually concerned about a woman’s body and her emotional and physical wellbeing?

TAX $’s must never be used on Planned Parenthood. I would relocate those funds to providing better education, creating specialized schools and afterschool programs for economically less fortunate children whose parents cannot afford. Given an equal opportunity, every kid is exceptional and can be successful.

#VoteMangaforcongress who will defend women’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

I am a trailblazer of real women’s rights.