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I will introduce bills that build a system that will solve our veterans issues, lead a worry free life when they return home from service to our dear Nation.

We must strive to build communities that truly serve, support, and protect our veterans from the very first moment they return to civilian life.

– President Donald J. Trump

SERVING, SUPPORTING, AND PROTECTING OUR VETERANS is my priority to support the American veterans who courageously protected our country. PROVIDING QUALITY CARE to improve healthcare for veterans and end the tragedy of veteran suicide.

HONORING OUR HEROES AT HOME to ensure that our veterans receive the resources they need to return to civilian life with dignity and security.Veteran issues namely substance abuse and depression, dementia and other mental and physical needs of the elderly need to be addressed. As one of the formidable contenders in the forthcoming VA 11 elections, I would like to say ‘Manga for veterans’ if chosen as a US Representative.