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About Manga Anantatmula, GOP Nominee in District VA 11

My name is Manga Anantatmula, and I believe in the American Dream. I am a first-generation immigrant from India and our great nation gave me and my family a chance to live that dream.

I am running for Congress from the 11th District of Virginia to keep the American Dream alive for everyone – freedom and liberty with equal justice under the Rule of Law.

My family has always stood up to fight for freedom and justice. Like the Founding Fathers of America, my grandfather was a freedom fighter who fought against the British for a free India.

My father worked for the Indian Government, managing several Indian states. Because of his work, I traveled a lot within India and experienced different cultures. My father was wealthy, and I was fortunate to have lived better than most in India.

As a legal immigrant, I live my American Dream!

My husband and I took a chance and moved to the US to pursue our American Dream as my husband wanted to pursue his doctorate degree in the United States. We gave up our affluent lifestyle and moved to the United States, legally, with our young son. I supported the family while my husband pursued higher education. For several years, we lived below the poverty level; during this period, I survived on one small meal a day, so that my son would be well-fed and decently dressed for school.

I refused to take any government assistance even though the Fairfax County Public School offered free lunch to our son during his elementary school days. My husband and I worked hard to pull ourselves up. We believe in individual responsibility, self-reliance, and hard work; and we taught these values to our son. I raised him to be disciplined, patriotic and loyal to our adopted new home, the United States. We are proud that our son chose to join NROTC in his freshman year and was commissioned as the US Navy officer after completing his undergraduate studies.

I worked my way to US Citizenship and Security Clearance. My work with the Department of Defense and DHS proved to be the most rewarding and patriotic experience.


After scrupulously observing some of the underlying Healthcare, education-related issues, I
decided that I must do something that will possibly usher a notable and positive change that
people in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District are definitely looking for.

As a Congresswoman, I will represent all the citizens of the 11th District and will not accede to
the demands of lobbyists and other outside influences. The 11th District deserves a real
Congresswoman, who genuinely becomes the voice to the will of the people of the 11th District.


I am a proven transformational leader, known for an innovative approach to solving complex problems with integrity, passion, work ethics, and hard work. I am a fighter who genuinely cares about people. Among many other national interests, I would work hard to build strong relations between India and the United States for the prosperity of both nations.

In my personal time, I routinely volunteer for many social causes and political organizations. I helped Virginia Republican candidates in 2017-2018 and have been tirelessly helping the GOP.

As a professional, I worked for federal government departments and agencies – such as Veterans Affairs, Agriculture, Marine, DoD, and DHS – as a small business owner and a consultant and gained expertise in defense acquisitions and program management.

American Journey

My successful journey as an immigrant from India to an accomplished US citizen clearly demonstrates the inclusiveness of the United States. As an Immigrant, I raised my family, found great opportunities for successful professional growth, and I am now aspiring to be your representative in the US Congress for Virginia’s 11thDistrict. I am proud to be American, my son is serving the US military, and my husband is a professor at a state university. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and credit goes to this great nation. Now it’s my turn to give back and serve you in the US Congress.




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