Opening the American Economy

The American Dream is your right to become prosperous and successful without government interference. Achieving the American Dream is done through your hard work not the government’s hard work.

I am a strong believer in government staying out of the private sector. To quote Ronald Reagan, “Government isn’t the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.” The government’s role is to ensure a fair playing ground for businesses to operate.

That does not mean that the government cannot assist the economy during hard times, such as in a depression. The government, in control of the money supply, has the organization and power to reduce the impact when the economy is under attack. Monetary policy dictates that when a sizeable portion of the American workforce does not have employment, the government’s duty is to add money to the system. I support such governmental powers during such times.

Every president since Franklin Roosevelt has added to the national debt. Many Americans see the addition of national debt with each administration and want to see it reversed. And the current pandemic is adding trillions more. If elected, I will work with others in Congress to lower the national debt. I believe in fiscal responsibility and will work to reverse our national debt.

It is imperative that we get our economy back to full capacity as soon as possible. The pandemic has put millions of Americans out of work. I support the efforts of the current Administration that will provide a paycheck to Americans who are adversely affected.