Children deserve the safest and most competitive environment to learn the basics. Politicians in Washington and locally are playing political football with our children. Children deserve the safest and most competitive environment to learn the basics – reading, writing, math, science, history (all of history), the fine arts and athletics. The goal should be quite simple, but when special interest groups take control of the dialogue around education, the best interests of children are dismissed and they are irreparably harmed.

Our students deserve to be educated and not indoctrinated. Parents do not send their children to school to be told what to think but taught how to think and make educated decisions.

Schools certainly should be an important part of community life. They should be able to provide a safe, supportive learning environment. Students are the future of our country and we must ensure that they receive the best education to keep our nation competitive and strong. With a meritocracy based education system, parental involvement, and the removal of political special interests from the classroom and the school board, our children will be set up for success.


More parents than ever before are considering different options for their children – whether it be public school, private school, home school, or hybrid school opportunities. Parents know what is best for their children.

Sadly, not every family has the financial resources to fund the best schooling for their children. The best education is about expanding options and choices, and this is where school choice with a coupon comes into play.

What is a school choice with a coupon? School Coupon allows public education funds to follow students and the teachers to the schools or services that best fit their needs—whether that’s to a public school, private school, charter school, home school or any other learning environment parents choose for their kids, or teachers who wish to move to the school of their choice. Healthy competition in education is desirable.

The secret to children succeeding in school is letting the parent decide which school setup they deem appropriate for their child. Schools competing for students and teachers, greatly increases not only the success of the school but that of the student and teacher as well.

Research consistently shows that school choice drastically increases academic success. Only about 40 percent of conventionally schooled students are proficient in reading and math. Why do we keep doing something that fails 60 percent of the time? Private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling offer an education customized to the student that public schools do not. Public school students are thrown into one-size-fits-all classes.

We in the United States decide how to run our own country, and how to raise our own children. We do not need political special interests doing that for us.

School choice is a must for our families and our children.