Defending Law and Order in Your Community

Across our great nation, there are protests calling for the removal and defunding of police. And I’ll be the first to admit that not all cops are good in their treatment of citizens, particularly our Black-American citizens. As an Indian-American, I do not want my child hurt by the police and I do not want your children harmed. It is the duty of all elected officials to demand that our police forces protect all of us equally and uphold our rights under the Constitution and existing laws.

The police play a critical role in the society. Without their protection, you and I would be at the mercy of other citizens and some of them may have an opportunity to harm us. The police are there when children are in danger. They are there when a mother delivers a baby early at home. They are there in spousal abuse cases. They are there a thousand times when needed in your community.

As your elected representative, I will work with our local authorities to ensure the police force in VA11 are there for you when you need them. I will work to remove any in law enforcement that do not treat all citizens fairly according to existing laws. It is your right to be protected by the police, not be fearful of the police. Fortunately, VA11 has a wonderful police force that respects our laws and treats our citizens very fairly.

We must also remember that in our community not everyone is a good person. There are some who are criminal and would harm you, your children, and businesses in your community. We should not and cannot allow such people to go about freely and commit crimes. The police must be given the authority needed to stop them. Do you want criminals running about in your neighborhood and community that would harm you and your family with no one in authority to apprehend them?

And I intend to go further. I will work to reform the criminal justice system. With over 2.2 Million people in overcrowded jails and prisons, many coming from poor and minority backgrounds, our criminal justice system needs a thorough going over. We can and must overhaul the current status quo to ensure fairness to all citizens that are incarcerated. Join me and vote for me to protect you, your family, and your community.